Saturday, 15 March 2014

A WET Beinn Eighe.

Saturday was not the best on Beinn Eighe! At least the hill was not overcrowded.
Below; Looking North Westwards from Coire an Laoigh towards Spidean Coire nan Clach. Rain streaming down the hill....and the camera lens. 

Highlight of the day was certainly the coffee in The Whisltestop Cafe in Kinlochewe that reopened this week after being closed for the winter.
Freezing level forecast to fall below the summits on Tuesday.

Friday, 14 March 2014

WET,WET,WET ! and windy

Descending from Beinne Eighe - Creag Dhubh
Soft snow to summit levels - clear mostly but very windy

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Dry, Cool Temperatures and Calm

Weekend avalanche forecasts will be issued on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th March
Beinn Eighe - Sgurr nan Fhir Duibhe from Kinlochewe


Liathach - Coireag Dubh Mor

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Coire Laoigh, Beinn Eighe

Saturday moning in Glen Torridon was better than expected! Predominantly dry with bright sunny intervals. Heavy going in deep wet snow at lower elevations but around minus two on the tops.
 The East end of Beinn Eighe. Looking uo to the shattered quartzite pinnacles of the Black Carls'. 

A very quiet start to the day. Very few visitors about in the glen. Lovely light and views. Caledonian Pines with Sgurr Dubh above right.

Friday, 21 February 2014

The benefits of local knowledge and a very wet Coire allt an Tuill Bhain on Liathach

A very very wet day in Torridon but yet more snow above 800 metres.
Looking down from around 500 metres on the west end of Liatach to the sheets of rain blowing through the glen.

 Higher up at the profile site during a brief lull in the weather. Snow falling above 800 metres... and lots of it. 

Heavy going from 400 metres where the snow starts. (Even allowing for short legs).

Local knowledge is always useful. SAIS Forecaster Cube talks to Eoghan Maclean, Reserve Manager for the Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve. Eoghan was involved in Mountain Rescue across Scotland for 38 years till his retirement a few months ago as Torridon Team Leader. 
Thanks to Eoghan and his team for all the support they give to SAIS.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Coire na Ba and avalanche on Beinn Bhan

Very wet and melting at all levels overnight. Snow heading to the sea. 
 The bridge over the Russel Burn, Cioch nose in the background.
However, the temperature dropped rapidly during the morning. Precipitation turned to snow catching several vehicles out on Bealach na Ba road. Cavalry came quickly to the rescue. Thanks!

Looking back down towards Loch Kishorn from about 500 metres on Bealach na Ba road.

Coire na Poite on Beinn Bhan below. Large avalanche observed here about 12.30. 100 metres wide. Debris flowed for at least 20 seconds. What looks like icefalls (lower left centre) is the last remenants flowing down the hill.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A lovely day on Liathach ridge

Making our way up the 'normal' route from Coire Liath Mhor to the summit ridge. This route is exposed to ice or snow fall during a thaw or in sunny conditions later in the season.

 Looking east to the summit of Stuc a'Choire Dubh Bheag. Small cornices over south facing slopes.
 Looking along the main ridge of Liathach.
Lovely views north-west to Sail Mhor and Beinn na Eoin.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A grey claggy day

 A brief glmpse of the west end of  the summit ridge of Liathach

Looking east up Glen Torridon. The snow level is about 400m

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Another sunny day

On the south ridge of Creag Dhubh, Beinn Eighe

Some fantastic breakable crust!

East end of Beinn Eighe

East end of Liathach. Can you spot the 15 people on the ridge?

Saturday, 15 February 2014


Up on Liathach today. Lots of snow!!

Hiking up the path in Coire Laith Mhor 

Just before the traverse towards the summit ridge

Spindrift blowing off the summit ridge of Beinn Liath Mhor

Dee going in the snow

Friday, 14 February 2014

A clear day in Torridon!

At last, views of the summits! This doesn't seemed to have happened much lately

Sgurr Mhor

Looking East towards Beinn Eighe

Looking south from the south ridge of Tom na Gruagaich

Liathach this afternoon

View towards Slioch

Saturday, 1 February 2014

A nice sunny but breezy morning in Glen Torridon

 In Spidean Coire nan Clach looking towards the summit ridge of  Beinn Eighe with plumes of spindrift coming of the ridge above.
 A classsic sign of instability on some sheltered North-East facing slopes in the coire

Looking south from Beinn Eighe. Lots of spindrift blowing of the hills in the strong Soth-East winds

Friday, 31 January 2014

Dry and Clear but Windy

Liathach - Coire Dubh Mor

Heading to An Teallach (thur 30th) photo J Cousins

SAIS forecasters below Hill Walk Gully - Coire Dubh Beag

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Torridon Weekend Preview

Avalanche reports will be issued on Friday and Saturday to cover the 1st & 2nd February weekend.

A lovely sunny Thursday afternoon in Glen Torridon today.

A general view of the South side of Liathach above.
 A busy day at the car park beside the Ling hut. Many parties climbing in Coire Mhic Fhearchair.


Saturday, 11 January 2014

Triple Buttress

Looking into Coire Dubh Mor on the back of Liathach

Triple Buttress of Coire Mhic Fhearchair at lunchtime. There are 2 teams climbing if you look closely! 

Looking NW towards Baosbheinn and Beinn an Eoin

Friday, 10 January 2014

Liathach Summit Ridge

A very wet and mild start to the day as we head up Liathach from near Glen Cottage in Glen Torridon.

The cliffs on the North side of Liathach have been stripped of ice since our last visit around New Year.

On the summit ridge at around 830m

Beautiful light at lower elevations

Looking up towards Spidean Coire nan Clach and Sgurr nan Fhir Duibhe at the eastern end of Beinn Eighe