Friday, 21 February 2014

The benefits of local knowledge and a very wet Coire allt an Tuill Bhain on Liathach

A very very wet day in Torridon but yet more snow above 800 metres.
Looking down from around 500 metres on the west end of Liatach to the sheets of rain blowing through the glen.

 Higher up at the profile site during a brief lull in the weather. Snow falling above 800 metres... and lots of it. 

Heavy going from 400 metres where the snow starts. (Even allowing for short legs).

Local knowledge is always useful. SAIS Forecaster Cube talks to Eoghan Maclean, Reserve Manager for the Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve. Eoghan was involved in Mountain Rescue across Scotland for 38 years till his retirement a few months ago as Torridon Team Leader. 
Thanks to Eoghan and his team for all the support they give to SAIS.

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